Allgeier Experts supports the ReDI School of Digital Integration

Allgeier Experts has presented the non-profit programming school ReDI School of Digital Integration with a donation cheque worth EUR 10,000. The money is intended to promote the integration of immigrants and refugees into the German IT labour market. The financial commitment is the starting shot for a continuing partnership. Projects are planned to support program graduates with career entry as well as with continuing professional development.

Allgeier Experts supports the ReDI School of Digital Integration

Photo: Beatrice Butscher (right, Allgeier Experts) hands Anne Kjaer Riechert (ReDI School) the donation cheque for EUR 10,000.

Since its founding two years ago, Berlin’s ReDI School of Digital Integration has quickly developed into a model of success. Together with mentors from the tech community, more than 350 participants have been readied for entering the job market through programming courses and IT workshops. The non-profit organisation opened a second school in Munich in late February.

“Many German companies are desperately looking for programmers. On the other hand, many young IT talents have come to us in the course of the wave of refugees who already have very strong previous knowledge. Our goal is to bring both sides together,” says Anne Kjaer Riechert, co-founder and managing director of the ReDI School. “As a non-profit organisation, we depend on financial support. We are delighted with this generous donation from Allgeier Experts.”

“The ReDI School is a great example of working for successful integration,” explains Allgeier Experts CEO Annette Mainka. “Its sophisticated course programme offers immigrants real prospects. At the same time, it makes an important contribution to our economy by training junior staff in urgently needed IT skills. We have been following this project with great interest for some time.”

Commitment to the values of the Diversity Charter
“Diversity and equality are the cornerstones of how we see ourselves as an employer. We embody and promote these principles – internally, towards our employees, and also externally,” adds Annette Mainka. To underpin its commitment to these fundamental values, Allgeier Experts recently signed the Diversity Charter. The Germany-wide initiative under the patronage of Chancellor Angela Merkel aims to promote the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the work world – irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion or worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. The Diversity Charter was launched in 2006 and has since been signed by some 2,800 companies with a total of 9.4 million employees.


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