Best Personnel Consultants: SearchConsult receives Accolade From WirtschaftsWoche Magazine

SearchConsult GmbH has been named ‘Industry Champion’ in the field of IT, digitalisation and media in a survey conducted by WirtschaftsWoche magazine of businesses in the personnel consultancy sector. Between July and October 2017, 1,150 personnel decision-makers completed a survey in which they were asked about their level of satisfaction with more than 600 personnel consultancy companies.

Best Personnel Consultants: SearchConsult receives Accolade From WirtschaftsWoche Magazine

Photo: Karsten Berge, Managing Director of SearchConsult GmbH

The services provided by the affiliate of Allgeier Experts, the personnel and project services provider, were evaluated as “very good” (four out of five stars). Overall, SearchConsult was ranked among the eight best personnel consultancy companies in Germany in its specific sector.

“We are particularly delighted to be honoured in this way as we actually owe this commendation to our clients. It represents recognition of our work and our high quality standards,” explained Karsten Berge, Director of SearchConsult GmbH. “I would like to offer our team my warmest congratulations on this great result,” added Markus Ley, Board Member of the parent company Allgeier Experts. “Yet this accolade is of course also a source of motivation. Digitalisation is bringing rapid changes to the market. We must therefore continue to develop if we want to remain in touch with the needs of our clients and the leaders of tomorrow.”    

Survey among more than 1,000 personnel decision-makers

The survey to identify ‘Germany’s Best Personnel Consultants’ was conducted in 2017 for the second time by WirtschaftsWoche magazine in collaboration with Professor Christel Gade of the IUBH International University in Bad Honnef. The main focus of the survey was on satisfaction with the headhunters and the services provided. The survey was sponsored by the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung’ (German Association for Personnel Management), the ‘Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater’ (Federal Association of German Management Consultants) and ‘Die Führungskräfte’, the management executive association.
More detailed information on the award can be found in issue 51 of WirtschaftsWoche dated 8 December 2017 and at: http://www.wiwo.de/erfolg/beruf/personalberater-ranking-das-sind-deutschlands-beste-headhunter/20680218.html 


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