BME Symposium 2017: HR Concepts And The Discrepancies Between The Contemporary World And The Current Legal Situation

Allgeier Experts, the personnel and project services provider, can look back on a successful first-time participation in the symposium hosted by the Association for Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME) in Berlin.

BME Symposium 2017: HR Concepts And The Discrepancies Between The Contemporary World And The Current Legal Situation

Video: Three days at the trade fair in 100 seconds 
This 100-second video encapsulates selected aspects and features of Allgeier Experts’ appearance at this year’s BME Procurement & Logistics symposium.

During Europe’s largest conference on aspects of procurement that was held on 8 to 10 November 2017, Allgeier Experts presented its concept for effective personnel planning and management. During an interactive workshop, Silke Becker (Legal Director of Allgeier Experts) and Bernd Sauer (Board Member of Goetzfried AG) delivered a joint presentation to participants on the discrepancies between the modern world of work and the current legal situation.

When the term ‘employee’ was defined in the German Civil Code (BGB), modern forms of working and flexible methods such as Scrum were unknown. Today, companies working in the IT environment in particular are faced with the challenge of moving away from traditional work practices in order to remain competitive and flexible. However, legislators have so far failed to deliver clear criteria for regulating effective collaboration between internal and external employees in modern project teams. Against this background, Silke Becker and Bernd Sauer, who is responsible for the contracting business at Allgeier Experts, used examples from daily practice to show how to design possible approaches for the deployment of external project employees that would conform to legal requirements.
Partner for strategic personnel planning

During the accompanying trade exhibition, Allgeier Experts, as a strategic procurement partner, presented its concept for effective personnel planning, procurement and management in an age of digital transformation. The company offers its clients a wide range of services in the fields of IT and engineering to address both short-term needs and long-term projects. Depending on the requirement, project duration and task, this division of the Munich-based Allgeier Group finds for its clients a mix of freelance professionals and experts on a temporary basis – or performs targeted searches to find executives who are suitable for posts such as head of department and CIO. Allgeier Experts also has its own service division, which assumes responsibility for individual tasks or entire projects as part of an out-sourcing and out-tasking concept. 

Board member Markus Ley looks back on a successful event

Markus Ley, board member of Allgeier Experts, looks back on the event: “We spent three fantastic, exciting and groundbreaking days at the BME symposium in Berlin. This was the first time we had participated in Germany’s largest symposium for procurement and logistics, and we managed to present the Allgeier Experts brand successfully to the round 2,000 procurement executives present. We explained our product portfolio and service approach to the symposium participants in personal discussions and received a lot of positive feedback, particularly with regard to our workshop.”


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