CSR Regio.Net: Conclusion Of Event Series In Wiesbaden Town Hall

This year Allgeier Experts actively participated in a project launched by the City of Wiesbaden designed to develop a sustainability strategy for businesses. This year’s series of workshops came to a fitting end in Wiesbaden town hall in December with speeches by representatives from the fields of business and research.

CSR Regio.Net: Conclusion Of Event Series In Wiesbaden Town Hall

Presentation of the Certificate of Participation by Sven Gerich, Mayor of Wiesbaden, (front row, 5th from left) and Christoph Manjura, Head of the Department of Social Affairs (front row, 6th from left). Joscha Seelmann-Eggebert (front row, far left) accepted the certificate on behalf of Allgeier Experts. // Photo: Kristina Schäfer

Many medium-sized companies operate in an environmentally-friendly manner, offer incentives to their employees to enhance their awareness of social responsibility and support local charitable organisations. Within the CSR Regio.Net business network, Wiesbaden-based businesses of all sizes exchange views on the challenges and strategic approaches for implementing corporate social responsibility concepts. They are supported by the City of Wiesbaden, the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the UPJ charitable network of companies.

A diverse network: from a glazing company to a large corporation

The network provides various, coordinated know how and networking services while the focus is on collaboration and cooperative interaction. Accordingly, the main appeal of the network lies in the mix of participants: CSR Regio.Net unites companies of all sizes and across all industries within a particular region. Whether it’s a five-person media academy, a glazing company with some 20 employees or Germany’s second largest insurance company with 14,000 members of staff – everyone sits around the same table and contributes their different experiences to the discussion.  

Allgeier Experts participates for the first time

As a newcomer, Allgeier Experts took part this year in a one-day basic skills workshop at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wiesbaden, followed by practice-related half-day events focussing on various CSR fields of action. These ranged from ecologically relevant aspects (environment) to dealing with employees (workplace), presence in international supply chains (market) and voluntary participation in the local community. A visit to the broadcaster ZDF to see their strategies in action and an event on CRS strategy and communication rounded off the workshop series. Schufa and Aareal Bank, both located in Wiesbaden, were among those giving informative talks on the details of their development of strategic CSR reporting policies.


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