Accuracy of fit is the magic word

Marcus Opper, General Manager of Allgeier Experts Select GmbH, spoke in an interview about innovative companies, the search for the right candidate and new recruitment paths.

Accuracy of fit is the magic word

How do you currently rate the market for personnel consulting?

The fact is that we currently have a massive demand for experts in the field of digitalization in Germany. According to the digital association Bitkom, there are currently around 55,000 vacancies for IT specialists. More and more companies are looking at the possibilities and benefits of using artificial intelligence, as IDC found in a survey of 350 companies in April. However, the shortage of skilled workers is considerably slowing down willingness to innovate for many: more than 80 percent of companies surveyed lack suitable specialists. Especially developers, database managers for AI systems, AI specialists, data scientists, business analysts and trainers are desperately needed.

The high demand for personnel consulting opens the lucrative agency market for new “players” with new ideas and business models – but not everyone is able to hold their own over the long haul.

What do your clients expect from you as a recruitment consultant?

When filling vacant positions, our clients are less interested in speed and the best price than in the quality of consulting and proposed candidates. Accuracy of fit is the magic word: customers are satisfied if we meet their requirements 1:1 as far as possible and if the proposed candidates fit the advertised job and company in terms of both hard and soft skills. After all, this is the basic prerequisite for long-term cooperation. If we find the right candidates quickly, all the better.

And what about the expectations of candidates? Are you experiencing a change in communication?

Communication with candidates is changing noticeably. We are in exchange today much more frequently and quickly. Candidates are informed transparently and in real time at every step, aware of the current status in the selection process, both by text and phone call, and are given comprehensive advice on all relevant topics from A to Z. Using new communication tools certainly offers many advantages, but they must always be comprehensively evaluated in advance from a data protection law perspective.

How do you convince a candidate to change jobs?

By being very transparent and open in interviews and convincing candidates early on of the added value of the new job. Ultimately decisive motivations cannot be generalized. For some, career prospects or financial aspects can be decisive, while other candidates attach more importance to a balanced work-life or working hour freedom in the organization.

What role does active sourcing play in social networks?

Active sourcing is still very important. Career networks like Xing and LinkedIn are especially booming. There, users are in the social professional environment and are usually open to inquiries from recruiters. In the classic social media environment, on the other hand, things are quite different. Overall, the new EU GDPR will make it even more difficult to actively address potential candidates.

Digitalization is also having a massive impact on the personnel consulting industry. Where do you see opportunities and limitations in the use of modern technologies?

The opportunities clearly outweigh the limitations. Using modern matching technologies greatly simplifies pre-selecting and narrowing down candidates. We have already digitalized and automated the matching of candidate qualifications with regional vacancies. Our recruiters use innovative features such as voice control specifically for their daily work. However, we cannot forget the importance of the human factor in all technical possibilities. It still plays a major role: top-qualified personnel consultants with specialization and ideal time management ultimately determine the success of personnel consultancy.

How important is the international candidate market for your work?

As the selection of IT experts on the domestic job market is limited, European countries are becoming increasingly important. However, due to the company language and the systems used, most companies still require the candidates to have a proven knowledge of German. This even applies to many globally active corporations. We therefore provide significant support to foreign specialists, such as with targeted training and language courses.


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