In the digital transition phase, the effective planning and management of internal and external personnel requirements for technology projects is a crucial competitive advantage. The standard approach - ad hoc commissioning of service providers and experts - lacks strategic purpose and is inefficient.

To be able to implement projects quickly and flexibly in situations in which the specialist expertise is not available in-house, businesses have come to rely on external project support.

This needs to be managed in interdisciplinary form by the various specialist departments, HR and procurement. In this case, success depends on the client having a comprehensively efficient provider of personnel and project solutions and the ability to establish a close partnership with the service provider. 


With us as partners and thanks to our Professional Workforce Solutions concept we offer the following


  • Holistic, flexible and solution-orientated consideration of all needs with regard to specialist staff and technology projects
  • Efficient combination of all service concepts in staffing across all forms of contract
  • Close cooperation with specialist departments, HR and procurement with the shared aim of avoiding resource bottlenecks and ad hoc requirements by planning, serving and managing needs in a targeted fashion at an early stage

Thus, we are not only able to deal with any problems arising at short notice but we also maintain a comprehensive overview of our clients and their projects. As a strategic partner offering a broad range of services, we can resolve more straightforward personnel needs as well as complex project tasks. In addition, we are not only concerned with placing specialists, we are also responsible for supervising their work on projects and integrating them into your project team, as well as managing the whole recruitment process.

Lünendonk Professional Workforce Solutions Outlook 2017
You can find more information in the ‘Professional Workforce Solutions Outlook 2017’ published by Lünendonk. Here you can view and download the results of the market analysis conducted in collaboration with Allgeier Experts and Hays. Have you got any further questions? Then please get in touch.

Professional Workforce Solutions Outlook 2017



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